Pikeperch Sample Data from Lake Oulujärvi

This dataset on individual pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) characteristics has been collected as a part of routine monitoring of commercial catches in Lake Oulujärvi, Central Finland (64.48, 26.98). Standardized monitoring of catches started in 1973, but samples are available from the 1940s. For more details of monitoring program in Lake Oulujärvi, see Vehanen, T., et al. (2020) Data collection systems and methodologies for the inland fisheries of Europe, FAO, Budapest, Hungary.

To collect representative data on pikeperch individuals, that covers the whole catchment area of the lake, annual sampling comprised approx. 100 individuals from all major (interconnected) basins of the lake (Paltaselkä, Niskanselkä and Ärjänselkä). The pikeperch fisheries in Lake Oulujärvi is active throughout the year, and the catch monitoring and individual sample collection is performed accordingly. Individual samples are mainly collected from fykenet, trawl, angling and gillnet catches. Note that there is high seasonality in the methods used to catch pikeperch. Standard methods are used to measure total fish length (to 1 mm) and body weigth (g) at capture. Ca. 10 scales are taken from the area between the lateral line and pelvic fin for determination of age and previous growth. Sex is available only for a subset of individuals (typically for those captured during spawning season).

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